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Name:Adam Monroe
Birthdate:Jan 1

Immortality is funny like that...

Appearing to be in his early thirties Adam is a quiet man with short, messily styled, blonde hair and cold blue-green eyes. There is little to know about this mysterious man and to ask would be a foolish endeavor as it is unlikely he will tell you anything about himself on a personal level were you to inquire up front.

He can speak a multitude of languages fluidly, his favorite and most commonly used being Japanese. He is well versed in various aspects of the fine arts. He is also a skilled martial artist, trained heavily in various hand to hand combat and weaponry. He favors a katana style sword in battle but will use any blade if given the choice in weaponry.

In his spare time he can be found in one of his two restaurants in downtown Manhattan, or at his large home in the upper east side. He lives a moderately quiet life. For now. But not much has changed in all the years he's been alive. If anything the older he gets the more callused he becomes. Underneath the cool surface of this man beats the heart of a monster waiting for it's chance to strike again.

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Muse and mun are over eighteen. AU Adam is AU, of course, otherwise he'd be dead. More information will come as I sort it all out as I am tweaking him slightly to be over here. Adam Monroe belongs to NBC Universal and I use him only for personal entertainment purposes only. I make no profit off of this character. All writing however is my own unless stated otherwise in a disclaimer.
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